Feb 21

Organic Trace minerals overpower inorganic trace minerals in terms of superiority in poultry nutrition

Trace minerals are indispensable components in poultry diets. Minerals like Calcium, Phosphorus, and Manganese play a major role in growth, bone development of birds, whereas Copper and Zinc are responsible for maintaining the feather color. Minerals have a key role in enzyme structure like Catalase(Fe), carbonic anhydrous(Zn), SOD(Cu,Zn,Mn) and GSH(Se). …READ MORE

Aug 13

Wonder of Bacillus consortium in improving gut health and performance in poultry

Currently, the animal feeding practice includes prophylactic approaches for supporting intestinal health and immunity, to reduce the incidences of dysbiosis, diseases, and the need for antimicrobial medication. The antibiotics kill the pathogen or restrict their multiplication to control the infection from advancing in the host. As per the report of …READ MORE

Feb 27

Poultry Feed Nutrition: How to Boost Feed Efficiency and Profitability

Poultry Feed Nutrition

There‚Äôs a problem with most of the poultry feed on the market today; it lacks adequate nutrition to provide flocks with a well-rounded diet. In fact, certain poultry feed ingredients can actually block the ability of many birds to properly absorb nutrients. Raw soybeans, for example, can inhibit pancreatic trypsin …READ MORE

Bentoli's Top 17 Feed Additives and How They Work