It has been my distinct pleasure to be involved in the feed industry since 1971. From our organization’s humble beginnings as suppliers of materials to the nascent shrimp farming industry, we have developed into a manufacturer of specialty additives for all types of animal feed.


Over the course of 40 years, Bentoli has been guided by the daily challenges of feed manufacturers and farmers alike. This forms the basis of our research, leading us to segment the feed process into three distinct groups: Preservation, Processing, and Nutrition.


Through this methodical approach, we are able to more readily identify challenges and work with you to devise the most appropriate solutions. We will subsequently assist in your ongoing management needs, assuring the best possible outcome.


Feed remains the single largest cost in livestock farming, as well as the primary factor affecting a farmer’s success. Research in recent decades has led to the evolution of animal nutrition; we have seen shifts from balanced to functional diets, lowest cost to optimized formulations, and simple to life-stage feeds, among other changes. Progress has proven to be of immense benefit to feed manufacturers and farmers alike.


In spite of such advances, consistent quality feed at reasonable cost is not always easy to achieve. Variability is inherent in natural raw materials; therefore, comprehensive feed solutions are incomplete without the proper management of the entire feed manufacturing process.


While we do not claim to have all the answers, we will certainly expend our efforts and utilize our resources to help find the optimal solution to your feed manufacturing issues.


We appreciate your interest in Bentoli, and look forward to our mutual collaboration.




Chairman William A. Robinson Sr.







William A. Robinson, Sr.