Oct 27

Silage – the best economical alternate while scarcity of green fodder is evitable

India is the largest producer of milk with 187.75 MT production ( Basic animal husbandry statistics, 2019). The average yield is about 1600 Kg/animal whereas the world average is about 2700 kg/animal. Israel and the USA are the leading countries with average yields of about 13000 and 10500 Kg/animal respectively. …READ MORE

Jun 13

Taking Goat Nutrition to the Next Level

goat nutrition

Goat nutrition requirements directly correlate with the production rates and quality of goat meat, milk, and fibre. Because they are so hardy and productive, goats are one of the most popular types of livestock among farmers, breeders, and producers. Essential Ingredients for Proper Goat Nutrition Nutrients are classified into six …READ MORE

Bentoli's Top 17 Feed Additives and How They Work