We know you’re busy, so we decided to pull some stories from the news that you may have missed that you should know about. From work-life balance to methane emissions to tigers (that’s right, tigers) to the future of smart farms–here’s what you need to know.


Agri-View | Work toward balanced pie

Farmers have many jobs to do

Contrary to what the headline may lead you to believe, this article is not a great pie recipe. Instead, it’s a look at how farmers, who typically wear many hats from hour to hour, can help bring a little bit more balance to their lives. This article is full of practical (and actionable) tips to help you get your work done without compounding your stress.


Twitter | The future of farms is smart technology

An infographic about smart technology on farms
This infographic, shared by Ola Brown, shows how agriculture is rapidly becoming a tech business. From the programs farmers use to track data to texting cows–the future of agriculture is here.


Science Daily | More accurate estimates of methane emissions from dairy cattle developed

Cows emit methane but how much?
Methane produced from dairy cattle has been a hot topic for the last few years. How much is actually produced and what is the actual environmental impact of that amount? An international consortium of researchers decided to devise a more accurate model to help answers those questions more definitively.


High Plains/Midwest Ag Journal | Taste feeds growing demand for beef, say economists

Growing demand for beef is based on taste

Current herd sizes are exceeding the demand for meat in record numbers—so what are livestock owners to do? As demand for beef grows, supply increases and prices go up. This piece looks at the economics of demand.


Bentoli | How to avoid grains contaminated with fumonisin

Fumonisin can contaminate grains in livestock feed

There were 90.9 million acres of corn grown in 2017, all of which are in danger of being impacted by the mycotoxin fumonisin, thanks to extreme weather patterns across the nation. How does this affect your feed and why should you care?


Scientific American | The surprising ways tigers benefit farmers and livestock owners

Tigers benefit farmers in rural India
This probably doesn’t affect your operation directly, but it’s an excellent (and interesting) look at the hierarchy of apex predators and the POSITIVE effects they have on agriculture .


Any stories we missed? Feel free to share them with us!

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