More than 6.5 million tonnes of wheat are produced globally per year. High lignocellulosic fiber content and low energy value ( approx. 1300 kcal/kg) make it unsuitable to use in the diet of monogastric animals. Furthermore, non-starch polysaccharides contained in wheat bran tend to act as antinutritional compounds that could inhibit digestibility, causing pathogen proliferation in the gastrointestinal tract and inducing gut inflammation.



It is evident through a study, digestibility and nutrient value of wheat bran are improved while fermented with NSP degrading microorganisms in solid state fermentation process. In the experiment, the group fed the diet with 5% fermented wheat bran had shown 4.38% more body weight gain (P<0.05) over control group from day 22 to day 35 days age and also 40 points reduction in feed conversion over control group at the end of trial period. Gut health and microbiome status were significantly improved in this group and are evident through reduction  of ileal coliform count and increasing the number of lactic acid bacteria in the group of birds fed the diet with 5% inclusion of fermented wheat bran. Bentoli’s Micromix3B Dry could be the best choice to offer better digestibility and improving gut health while unconventional feed stuff like wheat bran is incorporated in diet. 


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