ELGIN, TX, February 2018 – Hugh Garrity, an international business development and growth expert, has been selected as Bentoli’s® new President.


Since joining Bentoli® as Vice President in 2017, Hugh has helped the organization develop strategies that aim to drive global expansion. He brings more than 18 years of operations management experience to the feed additives organization, with a remarkable history of driving revenue growth by studying trends, exploring untapped opportunities, and aligning resources to maximize yield.


Core product lines offer substantial livestock and aquaculture feed benefits

One of Hugh’s initiatives is focusing Bentoli®’s expertise and resources on their Core 4 product lines—pellet binders, organic acids, toxin binders, and anti-stress agents. The goal is to spur domestic and international market growth while providing effective feed solutions that help feed manufacturers and farmers eliminate costs associated with reprocessing feed, as well as replacing damaged or spoiled feeds.


In more specific terms, the core product focus allows Bentoli® to address distinct problems that feed manufacturers and farmers struggle with.


In 2017, antibiotic resistance among livestock spiked, causing producers and farmers to look for non-medicated feed alternatives that wouldn’t negatively impact livestock health. Research now indicates that organic acids can be an effective substitute for antibiotic growth promoters, have a positive effect on livestock gut health, and preserve the nutritional quality of feed during storage.


Bentoli®’s core products help feed manufacturers and farmers address antibiotic resistance, stress management, high mycotoxin levels, inferior pellet quality, and poor feed integrity.


New President, stronger focus, same mission

With Hugh, Bentoli® will continue to provide better, more effective solutions for feed manufacturers and farmers around the world.


Hugh has been an incredible asset to Bentoli,” said William A Robinson, Sr., Founder of Bentoli®. “He embodies our values, lives up to our standard of global expertise that makes us stand apart in this industry, and his skill set is uniquely suited to lead us through this time of rapid growth.


Throughout the entire process Bentoli®’s mission has remained the same—to provide feed preservation, processing, and nutrition solutions that make better feed, and ultimately, better food.


PR Contact information

Bill Robinson, Board of Directors


About Bentoli®

Bentoli® is a global manufacturer and supplier of animal and aquaculture feed additives. Their specialty additives address the challenges that feed manufacturers and farmers face every day. The guiding principle at Bentoli® is “Better Feed, Better Food.” To learn more visit https://www.bentoli.com/.


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