Eggs and chicken meat are the most inexpensive sources of animal protein for human consumption; there is continued demand for these food products and thus the potential for industry growth remains on the rise. Notwithstanding, feed manufacturers and producers still have their challenges in choosing quality poultry feed additives.

The most common ingredients in poultry feeds, corn and soy, are not always readily available due to the competitive demand from other sectors such as food, beverage, and energy. As a result, the poultry feed manufacturer has turned to unconventional raw materials such as pearl millet, mustard seed cake, rapeseed meal, and cottonseed meal among others. With a commitment to serve as an integral solutions provider to the poultry feed manufacturer and producer, Bentoli continually aligns its research and development efforts to address the changing needs of the industry.

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Our poultry feed additive and supplement product line focuses on delivering solutions in these 3 areas:


Antimicrobials Flamotin®
Mold Inhibitors Amonex®


Grain Conditioners Recitol®
Pellet Binders Pelex®


Acidifiers Semalex®
Anti-Stress Agents Pollstress®
Toxin Binders Fixar®