Pelex® is an advanced-generation, synthetic resin that is effective at low inclusion levels as a livestock feed binder. It is uniquely formulated to contain very low levels of residues like free formaldehyde.


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How Pelex® Works

Pelex® is a thermo-reactive binder that is stable at room temperatures, and therefore will mix well with other feed ingredients. Once the feed mix is exposed to moisture and heat in the conditioner, the binder reacts and binds other particles forming a three-dimensional structure. Pellet durability increase due to the binding effect. Pelleting capacity may increase and energy consumption to pellet may decrease due to lubrication effect in the die.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Effective at low inclusion levels (2-4 kg/MT or 4.5-9 lbs/MT).
  • Reduces formation costs by increasing the flexibility of using less natural binders and more fibrous ingredients.
  • Has very low levels of residues like free formaldehyde, therefore has no negative impact on animals or humans handling the product.
  • Bonds formed during thermo reaction are irreversible and not affected by water, so feeds remain stable for long period of time.
  • May lubricate die and thereby increase pelleting capacity and reduce pelleting energy. Reduced production of fines provides further decrease in feed processing costs.
  • Increased pellet durability allows transport of feed over long distance and abrasive feed applications such as automatic feeders.