Key features:

  • Unique blend of all essential nutrients – amino 1 acids, vitamins, electrolytes & minerals
  • Oral liquid formula – superior mixability for 2 drinking water application
  • Energy enhancer supplies energy during critical 3 phase
  • Probiotic as a part of pack in separate chamber 4 for long term viability
  • Prokura® probiotics probiotics improve gut morphology and functions



  • Accelerates growth of animals at early stage of life
  • Reduces Stress due to farming conditions
  • Enhances development of digestive system
  • Helps In faster recovery from diseases and infections
  • Enables uniform and fast growth to marketable body weight

How it works: 


  • 18 Amino acids: supplement to maximize the development of digestive system and other vital organs
  • 14 Fat soluble and water soluble vitamins: support structural and functional health and optimize metabolic functions for better performance
  • Electrolytes: control body homeostasis
  • Micro & Macro minerals: help to develop body structures and optimize metabolic functions
  • Osmoregulating factors: correct dehydration
  • Curcumin: reduces gut inflammation and leaky gut condition
  • Prokura® probiotics: reduce gut pathogens