Your choice of swine feed additive can directly affect your business. Adjusting the percentage of protein to weight of the pig, varying the grain according to price and relative value, and determining least cost sources of protein and supplements are management decisions that affect net returns.

We strive to provide cost-effective feed additive solutions to the issues that specifically face swine feed manufacturers and pig farmers.

We understand that feed is the largest expense involved in pork production, therefore we have developed a variety of high quality swine feed additive products to assist our partners in maximizing the effectiveness of their feeds and in turn enhancing the value proposition that they offer the pork producer.

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Our pig / swine feed additives and supplements focus on delivering solutions in the areas of:


Antimicrobials Flamotin®
Antioxidants Emalon®
Mold Inhibitors Amonex®
Toxin Binders Fixar®


Feed Conditioners Recitol®
Pellet Binders Pelex®


Acidifiers Semalex®
Digestive Enzymes Pegazyme®
Direct Fed Microbials Porcell®
Direct Fed Microbials Micromix®
Flavors Palaten®
Organic Minerals Minplex®
Organic Minerals Complemin®