Pets are a unique segment of the animal feed industry because they often become members of the family. While pets may be unique from other animals due to their status as family members, it’s still important to provide nutritional programs that optimize their well-being and longevity. Safe, effective pet food additives can have a significant impact on the overall health and comfort of pets.

At Bentoli we supply pet food manufacturers with healthy additives that enhance the nutritional value of pet food. Our pet feed additives complement the lives of pets and their owners by enabling manufacturers to improve feed quality. Better feed leads to a healthy pet and a happy owner.

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Benefits of Bentoli® Pet Food Additives

  • Avoid spoilage of pet feed during the manufacturing process and storage
  • Enhance nutritional benefits of manufactured pet food
  • Deliver higher quality, safer pet food products
  • Improve the customer pet feed product experience and satisfaction

What’s in Our Pet Food Additives?

Antimicrobials, antioxidants, mold inhibitors and toxin binders that help preserve the quality and life of manufactured pet food. Feed conditioners and pellet binders that improve the ability to retain moisture, making it easier to condition for pelleting. Acidifiers, digestive enzymes, direct fed microbials, flavors, and organic minerals that boost the nutritional value of the feed.

Our pet food additive product line focuses on delivering solutions in these 3 areas:


Mold Inhibitors Amonex®
Mold Inhibitors Fungiplex®
Antimicrobials Flamotin®


Pellet Binders Pelex®
Grain Conditioners Recitol®


Toxin Binders Fixar®
Acidifiers Semalex®