Feed and grain present unique challenges that were unimagined only a few years ago. With advances and focused interest in alternative fuels, great demand has emerged for feed stocks that were previously destined for animal consumption. As the demand continues to grow for the use of forages and grains in the development of energy, prices have escalated at unprecedented rates, forcing both feed manufacturers and farmers to utilize less desirable and marginally nutritious ingredients.

Bentoli thus provides a number of solutions targeting unconventional raw materials and feed ingredients. For example, the Pegazyme® series of enzymes enhances such materials by increasing the bioavailability of phosphorous and other nutrients. Other products aim to boost nutritional value, quickly correct animal nutritional deficiencies, or increase the palatability of feed, with the broad goal of optimizing animal health and performance at viable cost.

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Mold Inhibitors Amonex®
Mold Inhibitors Fungiplex®
Antimicrobials Flamotin®


Grain Conditioners Recitol®


Toxin Binders Fixar®
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