How it works:

Organic trace minerals in Complemin® 7+ Dry are absorbed more efficiently because they are proteinate chelates(non-specific amino acid chelates). Unlike inorganic trace minerals, they do not require a carrier molecule to cross the intestinal epithelium. They are carried along with the amino acid molecules by combining various organic trace minerals at the right proportions for targeted applications. Complemin® 7+ Dry provides a comprehensive organic trace mineral solution for animal nutritionists and feed formulators.

Complemin 7+

Complemin 7+

Key features:

  • Easy to apply and combines all required trace minerals in organic form in one package
  • Optimized for poultry at all life stages leading to formulate high performance feeds
  • Superior bioavailability supports to formulate cost effective feed of premium quality
  • Rapid correction of trace mineral deficiencies
  • Stable in a wide range of gut pH
  • Reduces metal pollution through fecal waste, thereby protecting the environment



  • Growth & performance: Improves hatchability growth, FCR and carcass quality in broilers
  • Reproduction: Promotes egg size, quality of the eggshell and persistence of maximum production in layers, improves fertility, hatchability and chick quality in brooders, improves semen quality and reproductive efficiency in male breeders
  • Anti Stress: Alleviates stress in birds at all life stages, improves immune responses and facilitates rapid recovery from disease